The Climate Emergency & Our Responsibility

Governments have accepted that climate change is a real threat and a key contributor to the problem is plastic waste.

We are fortunate that the UK Government is implementing a series of policies to encourage the increase in recycling rates and reduction in plastic consumption and waste.

  • April 2022

    Plastic Packaging Tax – 30% minimum recycled material requirement

  • April 2023

    Extended Producer Responsibility will apply

  • April 2024

    Deposit Return Scheme targeted to launch

Along with the export ban on UK waste and public pressure on businesses to reduce their plastic waste, brands are also increasingly aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

UK manufactures import significant volumes of recycled material to meet demand and UK brands are paying up to 30% above list price for recycled PET polymer.

The UK’s waste crisis…

Demand for recycled plastic resins and products continues to increase globally but the volume of PET waste from post-consumer beverage and water bottles still entering landfill in many countries is alarming. By introducing a partnership model we can create a true circular economy and increase recycling rates resulting in less plastic waste.

… a solution

Enviroo aims to provide a benchmark standard for recycling and encourage the industry to become more transparent. The recycling industry has to be trusted by all stakeholders and only with transparency will this be achieved. With Enviroo every step of the recycling process is clear and, with industry best practice, we aim to be as transparent as the plastic bottles we recycle. Our product will enable businesses, manufacturers, local communities and governments to increase their commitment to becoming more sustainable.