Carbon Off-Set Programme

Enviroo’s believe that transparency and tangibility are key ingredients for a circular economy model to work and sustainably for the long term. Carbon off-setting can be achieved by Enviroo and we will initially be able to off-set 20,000 tons of carbon emissions per annum from our recycling plant in the North West.

We are targeting to off-set

100000 tonnes

of carbon emissions from plastic over the next 5 years as we build more facilities.

Enviroo will be going through the Gold Standard Accreditation to enable to organisations to off-set their carbon emissions. Our recycling processes will create tangible carbon off-sets by reducing the amount of plastic hitting landfills and oceans.

As we are currently embarking on the verification process, we would be delighted to hear from organisations interested in carbon off-setting.

Please fill in the form if you want to sign up for carbon credits.