Empowering Recycling Industry to Create a Sustainable Circular Economy

Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) is a PET plastic recycler that is focused on recycling material to the highest grade that can be 100% re-used in
manufacturing. The company specializes in creating materials that can be used in the food and packaging industry. Its focus is to create repeatably recycled products that enable manufacturers to fully divorce from using fossil fuels. ASD also supports their transition by producing the purest form of recycled polymer that rivals the quality of oil-based virgin polymers. The company has a research and development division that is focusing on out of home recycling and creating a solution that will help consumers recycle whilst on the go. This recycle and reward programme is called ‘Recycle Exchange’. ASD’s mission is to be the first true circular economy recycler in the world focused on PET plastic. This journey has involved getting a deep dive into understanding of the objectives of each stake holder that forms part of the circular economy journey – understanding their key challenges and motivations. This joumey to achieve the circular economy mission has taught ASD that transparency is the backbone of achieving this goal. The company’s mission is also to ensure that every member of the society is able to recycle, regardless of age, social economic status and race. it will implement recycle and reward schemes in locations that make recycling a rewarding process thus promoting long term change in behaviour that launches habitual practices.

An Exceptional Leadership

Ahmed Detta, the Founder and CEO of ASD, has a personal drive to ensure no one is discriminated to recycle. He wants to bring transparency to the industry. His parents have enriched him in philanthropic activities as a child and he has a mindset of giving back.

Ahmed operates on the premise of ‘feeling good about profitability’ which spurred his decision to develop a commercial enterprise in the sustainability arena. He takes a macro outlook and understands those affected on the extremes of each situation and creates micro solutions to bridge the gap to ensure everyone benefits from a single cause.
This ethos led to the circular economy philosophy for recycling with a deep-rooted focus to ensure that every member of this journey benefits.

Delivering Transparent and Quality Services to Benefit Clients

ASD is bringing much needed transparency to the industry which currently does not exist. It is also bringing consistency and quality in products to clients which they can rely on for